Kosher Wedding Caterer in Manhattan

For a caterer who can make all your appetizers, snacks, and main courses kosher, feel free to contact Weiss Brothers Catering. We’ve solidified ourselves as one of the valued catering companies in Manhattan for many reasons. With our delectable menu and our versatility, we are the kosher caterers you can count on.

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A Kosher Caterer for Your Wedding

Wedding season is a busy time of year for us. That should come as no surprise for anyone who has worked with us before. We’re one of the most sought-after kosher wedding caterers in the region. There are more reasons for this than you might suspect.

Our food is prepared in full accordance with the Hebrew dietary laws of kashrut, but that’s not all. With us, you can always expect:

  • Easy to schedule services
  • Competitive catering rates
  • Fully customizable food options
  • Napkins, tablecloths, and more

Oh, and did we mention all our kosher dishes taste incredible? 

Kosher Catering Company Under Rabbinical Supervision

We want all your guests, including your rabbi, to feel comfortable eating our delicious food. That is why all our food is prepared under strict rabbinical supervision. Rest assured, everything from your appetizer to the main course will meet the glatt kosher qualification.

Wherever possible, we partner with local and sustainable food suppliers to deliver the highest quality produce and ingredients. In addition to being entirely glatt kosher, your food will also be healthy and locally sourced.

Wedding Catering with an Emphasis on Quality

It’s not just that our food is kosher—it is absolutely delicious! Our wide selection of parve dishes and snacks will satisfy any craving, and our matzah will leave you feeling wonderful.

We also offer a wide variety of other kosher options, and we are always eager to hear your requests.

Consultation Process

Over the years, we’ve earned ourselves a reputation as the go-to provider of quality kosher catering. We consider it a privilege to have been part of countless wedding celebrations in the area. Our goal is to enhance your big day as much as possible, which is why we love to work closely with couples and family members before the event to ensure every aspect of our service meets or exceeds their expectations.

Contact us today—we’d be happy to set up a private consultation and tasting session with you. We’ll speak with you about what you like and don’t like, to custom create a dining experience that reflects your personal style, tastes, and budget.

Of course, everything we serve will be 100% certified kosher. During the consultation, we are at your disposal to answer any questions you may have. If you like, we’ll gladly walk you through our procedures and food preparation methods for your peace of mind.  

Accurate Quotes

Thanks to the detailed nature of our consultation process, we’re able to provide our clients with accurate cost estimates. When we know what your dream menu is, and the number of guests you expect to entertain, we’ll be able to give you a precise quote of the cost of the service.

To make sure our quotes are accurate, we offer complete written breakdowns, including all preparation and food costs. You’ll be able to see exactly what you’re paying for.

Catering for Weddings Big and Small

Whether your wedding is set to be an intimate gathering, or you are planning to throw a large party, we are the caterers for you. We employ a large catering staff so that we have the capacity to accommodate even the largest wedding parties. From aperitifs and meals to desserts, we meticulously map out the evening so that there is always plenty of food to go around (and often leftover, too)! With our knack for planning ahead and paying attention to every detail, we’ll make sure every person is well-fed.

Professional Caterers

The quality of our food creations is what we’re known for, but the flawless execution of the dining experience is what we’re remembered by. We believe five-star cuisine and five-star hospitality go hand in hand. Our first-class customer service sets us apart as food caterers.

Our passionate team of service professionals is dedicated to providing an excellent customer experience for each and every one of your wedding guests. From start to finish, our staff members will be well-dressed, courteous, and helpful.

Our Caterers Prepare Kosher Food How You like it

Variety is the spice of life, and our extensive menu options reflect that. Upon request, we can shower your wedding with gebrokts, Cholov Yisroel dairy products, and shmurah matzah. We even carry a wide selection of dairy/meat-free parve items.

Our company is pioneering the way in innovative, scrumptious kosher dining. Our chefs work tirelessly to push the envelope for what a kosher menu can be, skillfully combining flavors, textures, and colors to craft unique and delectable kosher cuisine.

Buffett and Seated Catering Services: You Decide

Would you rather the guests at your reception serve themselves, or would you rather a more formal wedding dinner? We have experience in providing both buffet and seated catering services. All you have to do is let us know which style of catering service you would like. Whether you prefer a casual atmosphere where your guests can mill about with classy hors d’oeuvres or a traditional sit-down three-course meal, we have the skills and resources to execute any style of event.

Full-Service Caterer: Tablecloths, Napkins, and More

No wedding dinner is complete without all the appropriate accessories, necessities, and decorations. We will happily supply all the cutlery, tables, or chairs that your picture-perfect wedding needs.  

Book a Kosher Caterer for Your Wedding Today

We’re honored to play a role in Manhattan’s Jewish community by providing certified kosher catering to small and large events alike. With us, you can rest assured every dish is carefully and masterfully prepared.

Trust the Kosher caterer who upholds the laws of Shabbat day-in-day-out. Call Weiss Brothers Catering. We observe the dietary regulations of kashrut in the workplace, at home, and will most certainly observe them on your wedding day.

Our number is (718) 437-3631 and we cannot wait to serve you.